Future of Fashion

    Our aim is to democratise clothing for everybody. We want to give you the perfect scenario in the online fashion experience. We want you to experience the future of fashion. A future where everybody can customise their clothing, where everybody is assured that the clothes they ordered fit perfectly, where their daily routine is not disrupted just to get a clothing that’s highly customised for them, where they have a personal tailor and stylist, and where delivery times for their customised clothing order arrive quickly. That’s the experience you get with Mendo Suits. We are focusing on you as “the market of one”.


    We would like to give you a unique fashion experience and simplify the process. We want to give you clothes that you can customised personally. For you to go online, customise, order and have your measurements without thinking about it. Just order and specify your date of availability, time, place and we do the rest. We will connect you with our SUIT SPECIALIST. You do not need to change your routine. They will come to you or do a video call with you, they will measure you, show you the fabrics you ordered, and give you styling advice, all for free! You are just paying for the clothes. Your orders will arrive in 3 weeks or less. We Even deliver in 1 week for special arrangements on made to measure clothing!


    It’s an entirely new category in fashion that we would like to pioneer. Its personalised and customised fashion at the same time. And there is an element of fast fashion with the quick turnaround time in delivery. The way we do it with suit specialists and by being vertically integrated with owning our own manufacturing is not conventional in the fashion industry. But it’s necessary to give the client best experience.

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